Thursday, November 15, 2007


Now all our blogger pals can have fun in the snow with us! Come make a snowflake and add to the blizzard!

Need a Snow Day?

For those of you that haven't experienced snow... its so much fun to run around in... and try and eat... and make doggie angels in... and catch snowflakes on your tongue... and root your nose around in... and bury stuff in... yeah, we love it, although it is really nice to come back into a warm house and cuddle up with mum and papa too!


  1. Hey, I'm BACK!

    Oh, I've created my own snowball but my design sucks...hehehe!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. I like playing in the fresh snow but then it becomes a pain with my low slung belly. I leave four tracks for my feet and then one long one from my belly dragging.


  3. BOL Wally... its like when the snow is really deep, Mum tries to get us to go pee, but the snow touches our bellies and we don't wanna go!

    Our bodies are like toboggans I tell ya...


  4. woofies Girlies, this iz maded 3 snowflakies...

    b safe,

  5. Hi, friends!
    Snow?? What is that?? Only a miracle could get us snow here!
    Sounds fun... but I am not so sure!
    Have a good night

  6. woofies Girlies!!! check out me bloggy u gots an awarwd from me...

    b safe,

  7. It hardly ever snows in the Blue Mountains, if we're lucky we get one fall per year. Last year it was cold enough but we just didn't get snow.

    Have fun.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah, Willow, Tess & Lucy

  8. Hey, Corgi Chicas!

    Bummer about the low-slung bellies in deep snow, but it sounds like you don't let that slow you down. Nope. Not you girls!

    It felt like it was going to snow in GooberStan a couple of days ago, but alas, no fluffy white goodness yet! Can't wait to see photos or video footage of you guys doing a snow dance.

    Goober love,