Sunday, November 11, 2007


Not too much new to report on... pretty uneventful weekend, its been quite rainy and cool here in Ohio so we haven't had much outside play time... and when we do, when we come in, we have to sit in front of the heater to dry off!

So we were wondering what pups had planed for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday? Any special meals? We might get some special food... but hopefully not turkey, because turkey makes you sleepy, you know... and who wants to be sleepy on a holiday! It's play time!

Love you all!


  1. Hi, girls
    Here we don't celebrate Thanksgiving! But we do know that is a special day for you there in the United States.
    How is that about the turkey making you sleepy?? I love turkey (and my mom too!)
    I'd like to know about your meals for that day!
    Have a good night

  2. Hellow beautiful girls..:) I'm Maggie..
    Can I add you as my friend? :)
    I'm in Malaysia..I guess there will be no Thanksgiving day..:(
    but i hope that my mommy will cook me a big and delicious roast turkeyy!! :)


  3. Hey, Girlies!

    It was cold here too until today, then it was like 75 degrees and humid. (Go figure). I can't get a handle on this weather.

    I'm going to spend the holiday with my girl and my sissy and some of our friends. Can't wait!

    Goober love,

  4. I didn't mean to leave all our worldly friends out! Are there any special holidays in your countries with cool meals?

    (Oh, and there is a chemical called triptophan in turkey, that can make you sleepy! Craziness, huh?!)

  5. Hi girlz,
    It's just the 4 of us for turkey day! My sissy and her hubby visit HIS side but they'll be with us for Christmas! So we'll have turkey and dad will watch football and mom will have a fire going in the fireplace. It'll be very relaxing!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. No turkey here !Since the family has a big christmas bash they do barbecue for Thanksgiving!Daddys mommys side is from Alabama.

  7. Mmmmmmm. I'm hoping for some turkey necks. We already had TG in Canada, way back in October, but we have lots of American friends here so hopefully there will be a gathering somewhere. All my mom's friends know I like the turkey necks so they always save them for me. Yippee!


  8. Hi there Girls!

    We don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and plenty of grrrrrreat food!

    I did not realise Turkey made you sleepy!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxxx

  9. woofies M n I!! we not do to much fur thanksgiving, but we go sees my mamas sister fur christmas...and ususally dey go to my daddys peeples fur thanksgiving the sunday after or the one b4...soo it will b jus us here for dat day...since dey jus mama and daddy and me and bear, we will jus have a bakeded chicken...and da turkey for christmas...

    b safe,

  10. Ha roo, girls! A little triptophan won't slow us down! Well... OK, it might, but I'm willing to risk it for a taste of turkey!
    Mom is making her most wonderful Sweet Potato Pie for dessert - it is SO good! I try to be in the kitchen while she's peeling and mashing the sweet potatoes, 'cuz you never know when something will hit the floor! mmmmm... sweet potatoes!
    Play bows,

  11. Hey Girls! I'll be at a super duper doggie resort while my peoples are away..its cage free & someone plays with us 24/7! REALLY! We all have our own rooms to share or sleep in (it a house) & we get to have slumber parties & giggle all night! Plus I get to go to doggie day care during the day...I hope they serve Turkey legs too!

    Love & Licks,

  12. I totally here you on the Ohio weather. I hope you have a good thanksgiving. I will probably have a post up discussing this early next week!

  13. i got tonnes of rain here...almost every single day...

  14. Hi Corgi girls! Happy thanksgiving - ooh and have some turkey for me; it's my favourite. We don't get thanksgiving in Oz; Australians are not thankful enough about anything to set aside an entire day for it. Christmas is not much better, unless there's a barbecue, so a dog's got to starve on only nine meals a day! It's probably for the best, though, as it is so darned hot!

    licks & slobbers

  15. Hiya girls! Just a P.S. - I tagged you, so stop by my dogblog when you have a barking moment!