Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More about those cookies...

Hey Pals! Izzie here...

Here's some more info on Mum's cookies... we asked her for the recipe and she laughed... she said she didn't really use one, but she told us roughly what to tell you all... so here goes:

Moxie and Izzie's Cogilishious Cookies
1 jar of applesauce (any size you like) - we get the kind that is just apples, no sugar or any other preservatives or additives
1 jar of peanut butter - again, we get the natural kind that is only crushed or ground up peanuts

1 can of plain pumpkin (not the cinnamonie kind)

Put above listed ingredients in a mixer, using the paddle attachment, combine until smooth. Turn mixer back down to "slow" or "stir" speed and begin adding dry ingredients. We used whole wheat flour this time, although we usually use a combination of buckwheat, whole wheat, garbonzo bean as well as other flours we can find. Garbonzo bean as well as a few others are great if you are a grain-free type hound, are watching your wheat intake, or have a wheat allergy. We just slowly add the flour until a dough forms that is solid enough to come together and gets stuck on the mixers paddle. Scrape everything out of the bowl and refrigerate to make it easier to roll and cut.

Once chilled, take out sections of dough and roll-out (just as you would human sugar cut-out cookies). Cut into shapes either using cookie cutters (mum has a great little bone and a little heart cookie cutter) or using a pizza cutter. Bake on a baking sheet at 350 degrees (F) until slightly browned. Cookies will still be soft, don't over cook at this temp, they will burn. Once everything has been cooked at that temp, turn the oven on very low (200 degrees (F) or less) and allow cookies to dry out in the oven. We just pile them all in one pan at this point and stir them throughout the drying process.

It's really quite a lax recipe and its really fun to experiment with... try lots of variations, be creative!

Other things that may be added to the mix:
- eggs
- blackstrap molasses (adds magnesium, calcium, and iron)
- yogurt
- parsley (for fresher breath!)

- oats (quick oats, cooked or uncooked)
- any type of baby food such as green beans, peas, carrots, or any protein (beef, chicken) as long as it doesn't include onion.
- pureed bananananananananas (particularly yummy, we might add)

Yummy, cookies on the way...

Me, supervising... my best role, next to "consumer" BOL!!!


  1. Oh boy,m those cookies look great! I bet they will taste pweetty good after they are done...

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Phew! Delicious cookies! if i was in ohio i would be begging at your door step everyday hee hee =)

  3. Oh my dogness, those cookies must be delish. Thanks ever so much for the recipe. I don't think my pinkies have ever seen canned pumpkin here is Oz but I guess we can just mash a fresh pumpkin.
    Thanks gals.

    Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

  4. OMG, we are drooling here! Those cookies look awesome!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. mmmm cookies.. i want ones please.. send me a little....

  6. thanks for sharing the recipe with us...

    we should really try that out

  7. woofies Girlies!!!! yummmies dat sounds sooo good me gonna get mama to make me sum!!!

    b safe,

  8. HEY corgi girls!!!

    AAAAARRRRROOO those cookies look yummy!!!

    Thanks for the recipe, i am going to go order my mum to make some right now!!!

    peace out

  9. OMD lucky girls!! The recipe sounds so delicious and my mom thinks all hoomans and doggies can share these cookies!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Momo xoxo

    pee ess: I'll be a big sissy soon!! Can you believe it? :)

  10. hi kiddos, those cookies sound yummy! we're gonna beg our mom to make some for us too.

  11. Thanks for telling your mom to share here recipe! Sure they taste delicious!
    Good work supervising!
    Have a good night

  12. Yum! Thanks for sharing the recipe! I'm going to see if my mom will make us some!
    Play bows,

  13. WhooHoo, girls!

    I'm going to have to have my girl get up off her booty and scratch me out some of these fine-sounding cookies! I'm more than willing to supervise, and my assistant will be there too, hanging on my every word (and loose hair).

    Goober love,

  14. wow! Those cookies sound amazing, can you pass one through the computer screen for me to try?

    Living in hope, your friend, Marvin xxxxxx

  15. *drool* those cookies look and I am sure, taste great!

    Care to send some over?

  16. Neatoooo,you have a mommy that cooks for you.Mine is lazy !I havent had a treat in a long time!!