Sunday, September 9, 2007

Check out the dog park...

So we go to this new dog park they made in our town... its so very cool... there is a pond and everything... the sand is so easy to dig in, its great! We've met lots of new pals too... Check me out in action...


  1. Hello, nice blog! Your Corgis are adorable. :)

    Looks like we started blogs about our Corgis around the same time, only I don't have mine yet. Soon!

  2. your dogpark loos super fun! my corgis are jealous!!!

  3. Oooh! That's nice. It's hot here and I could use some quality wading in that pond. Cool my belly and my jets.


  4. Hey!
    I found you from Wally's blog and had to come over to say HELLO! I have a corgi cousin named Piper too and Mom nearly got a corgi instead of me (a dachshund). But we all are short..and have long bodies. hehe...

  5. Awwwww,you corgies are WAY cute, AND you drink Mytini's??
    I like your hat picture mamma just told me I have to try a few more hats today to prepare for the barkparty at Asta Up over's house in Newbarkcity.
    Golden Hugs
    Sir BAcon aka Sir Chancelot

  6. Hi Moxie & Izzie! Dog parks are wonderful! Love all the pics! You both are soooo cute with your short legs...just love them!
    Love & Licks,