Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Our Summer Vacation

Hey there campers, Izzie here to tell you about our summer vacation!

It was back in the start of summer, May or so they tell me, that Mom and Dad packed us up in the car with loads of other stuff. We took a long trip, saw many sites along the way, ending up at the

beach! Check out this picture of me happily riding... I saw a lot on the way, sometimes a lot of my eyelids too... I get sleepy on car rides.

So after crossing many states, making multiple pee stops, meeting lots of folks calling Moxie and I cute... we made it to the beach. Wow, what a great place, I think Mom and Dad should move there. The sand is so nice to dig in, have I ever mentioned how much I like to dig? Well, I do, its a passion really... an art, a science... a love.

Once I craft the best possible hole I can, I like to lay in it. Mind you this whole time Moxie has been barking... not much of a digger she is, but oh man, that gal can bark.

Other than playing on the beach, crunching up crabs, sleeping, barking, chewing on various items we found on the beach, watching sunsets, catching some sunrises, and trying not to get drug into the waves by Dad... we did some sight seeing.

We went to some lighthouses that were just beautiful.

Some more beautiful pictures.....

Unfortunately, it was finally time to pack up and start heading home...
saying our goodbyes to the beach for this year. Mom and Dad took the scenic route home through some beautiful mountains, we were again able to see the sights... and more nature, our favorite!

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