Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring cleaning...

Well pups, a nice springy day here... you know what that means in this house?
Time for a good brushing, a paw and 'pants' trim, and to get our nails trimmed.

The trimmer... not my favorite implement...

.....ok, but the Dremel and nail trimmers are worse...

Ahh, but this sun feels nice....

Moxie is always so relaxed!

"what a great day mom!"

I'll watch Mox get her trim...

My little paws mid trim...

We survived...



  1. We have to get that done as well.
    Outside is the best place for all that corgi fur! Your kids seem so calm...mine are maniacs when this occurs. Sigh....I keep telling them it's beauty shop time, but no matter.
    sun or no's a battle!

  2. Girls! What's with all this crazy grooming business? As if any of us really need it to look beautiful. We are gorgeous no matter what. I think our moms just have some bizarre need to do our hair.


  3. The Dremel doesn't seem to keep up with the Princess' nails because Momma keeps forgetting to get it out.


  4. I hope you two had a nice day enjoying your beauty treatments!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Glad you two survived your trims. We hate having our feet done - although BLU loves to soak her feet in the water dish after a long walk.

    ps. I'm still coughing and don't feel very well.

  6. You guys are so brave! Mum has to practically lay on top of me to do my nails. And you have sunshine? Send some to us, please!

  7. You are the BRAVEST Corgis of all TIME! I run and hide under the table when I see clippers of ANY sort! Oh, the horror of it all! But look at how relaxed you look! You're amazing!
    I sure hope this doesn't give our mom any ideas - because frankly I don't like the way she's looking at my snow shoes.
    PS: If you need me, I'll be under the table, 'K?

  8. You two look so cute laying in the sunshine.

    Holly & Zac...XX

  9. We wish we could get groomed outside! It would be so less boring!
    The sunshine feels so good in early spring!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. I love the 4th picture- the one where Mox's tongue is slightly sticking out. It reminds me of Winnie, she does the same sometimes when she sleeps :)

    You pups are so good with your trims, you deserve a nice meaty RMB!

  11. Beautiful paws, as always! Happy Easter!


  12. Spa day! The ma ape tries to do us in doses. Last weekend she got out the Furminator. My brudder Oscar LOVES it. Weirdo. This weekend the Dremel is coming out. Yowza!

    Well, you girls look lovely as always. You don't even NEED a spa treatment for your natural beauty!

    wally t.

  13. This is Indy the Corgi. I've signed on to the computer while Cathy is in the kitchen washing dog dishes (she is my personal slave you know) I run screaming from the evil dremel. Screaming I tell you. I know it wants to kill me. Woof...yikes...she's coming back. Bye for now.....

  14. Great to know you guys survived the whole ordeal. Ugh, I hate getting my paw paws cleaned & nail trimmed.

    Butt sniffs,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  15. Absolutely adorable! They don't look a bit stressed. :)



  16. Aw, they look like they are luxuriating in all of the attention!
    I tagged you to play a blog game called ONLY 8! Check out my blog to find out how to play!
    Warmly, Christiane