Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hey Pals!

So today we helped Mum change the sheets on the bed! She was muttering something about everything being furry and that it needed washed... so she took everything off the bed! We always like to lend a paw to help...

I can lay here, right?

And of course we need to quality check the new sheets to make sure Mum put them on the bed properly...

Feels good Mum, ZZZzzzzzz.....


Then, later in the day, Mum went out for a bit and left us to our own devices... and for any of you that know of Moxie's devices... de-stuffing is they was she likes to spend her free time!

"Oh you are SO getting in trouble for this"

I didn't do it... really this time!

That's a lot of fluff from one little pillow...

Moxie, what are we going to do with you...

I think you might need a 12 step program...

I'm the good puppy, remember Mum?

Mum wanted me to mention that it wasn't a human-use pillow she de-stuffed... it was a little pillow from Ikea... Mum used to get them for Moxie when she was a little pup (before I came around)... and for a long time she didn't de-stuff them... but now she just can't help herself!!!



  1. Izzie, I love to help change the bed sheets, too! I hope your mom appreciates how hard you work!
    And Moxie - you're too funny! What's up with the pillow-killing!?!
    Play bows,
    PS: With as cute as you two are, you'd NEVER be in any trouble around here. Trust me!

  2. Oh, Moxie, bestill my beating heart-you and me, we are like a team to rid the workd of all stuffies!
    Magic- the red and white cardi fluff who's destuffing record is 17.5 seconds

  3. Remind us what's the difference between stripping the bed and stripping the pillow of stuffing ...? It all looks the same from down here. ;-)

  4. BOL! Good goin' Moxie! We're with ya all the way!

  5. What a busy day! Momma is always "discussing' with Brice that he doesn't need to take the pillows off the couch. But at least he hasn't destuffed them.

    Princess Eva

  6. OHHH, me!!! I love to destuff to, can I help??

  7. Good job helping your mom with the bed!
    Moxie had a fun destuffing time!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. What can a corgi mama do?
    The kids are so darn cute, it's hard to get mad. The little buggers do love to chew and destroy. I think they have a "thing" about fluff!
    Our male, de-guts hedgies like there's no tomorrow. "Hedgie, must die is his motto."
    Oh, the faces your two make. Just too much! So expressive!!

  9. Hey, Moxie & Izzie!

    I'd like to know what's going on in Moxie's head these days. If you didn't destuff those pillows before, what's different now, chica?

    I must say, that is a wealth of stuffing fluff that came out of the pillow! What else have you gotten your teefies on this week?

    By the way, Izzie, you look SO innocent in that last photo, but we know you're a good actress. hehehe

    Goober love & smooches,