Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hi Pals!!!

We got to go to the park the park on Monday!

Here I am snaking through the grasses...

Moxie enjoying the sunshine...

Some train tracks we had to cross on the trail...

Mox and Dad!

So many things to smell on the trail!

Plowing down the trail!

Pretty Queen Ann's Lace flowers...

A busy bee on the job...


Pretty purple flowers (we don't know what they are, but the certainly stood out against the other plants!)

Back in the car... 'Dad, you remembered to pack the treats, right?'

Oh yeah, a little post hike snack!


But, after all that fun, we got home and were tortured....

Dad trimming my nails... oh the humanity!

Mox had a bath...

And we faced the dreaded clippers!!!

But, all was reconciled with several treats...



  1. w00f's Mox and Izzie, heehee me iz thinkin they bribed u..takin u to da park then trimmin nails and all dat..hoomans iz sneaky...

    b safe,

  2. Hey, Moxie & Izzie!

    I love to see you two wild things out in the wild! If you're not careful, Iz, that tail of yours could get you mistaken for a fox! (Of course, you and MOx are both foxes, but you know what I mean.)

    Sometimes the spa day just has to happen. I bet they took you to the park to wear you out before the torture began (that's what my girl does)!

    Know that I am going to catch up on all you've been doing this summer. I've been a lousy bud but in my defense, my girl IS a lazy chica sometimes.

    Goober love & smooches,

  3. Nice pics gals. I see you've got a comfy mattress in the back of your car. Hmmm that's what we need. Nothing like travelling in comfort.


  4. Wow--what a pretty walk. (And i'm talking about the ladies, not the scenery!)

    My ma ape teaches Con Law. I will have to ask her about the constitutionality of that torture technique. It doesn't look permissible to me.

    wally t.

  5. You girls have the best walkies. But, ooh, the claw-clipping! I can see how much you are enjoying it by the way your ears are laid back!

    licks & smoochies,

  6. What up with that? A beautiful day out and about, lots of walking and sniffing -- and then!!! Pure torture! I hope you felt good after your bath and did lots of zoomies!

    Hugs, Kodak

  7. Hi, Moxie and Izzie!
    Your day looks perfect to me! Well, taking out the trimming nails, everything looked great!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. What a neat adventure the two of you had! We saw a Corgi while we were on Nantucket and thought of you!
    It's so nice to be back!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. Oh Moxie & Izzie...so sorry about the nail trimmins & the bath...but at least you had a fun romp in the park..

    love & licks,

    ps...LOVE the new Corgi Lounge Banner Decor!

  10. BEAUTIFUL pictures! But then a nail trim and a b-a-t-h?!?! Shudder. I'm so sorry!
    PS: I would LOVE to explore that park with you two!!!

  11. Hey Corgis! Check out my recent blog entry for a surprise.

  12. Hi girls! I've given you an award; please stop by the blog when you can!

  13. hi buddies....
    the walk was perfect...
    and congratulations to the new look in the blog.. I like it...