Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday Festivities

Moxie here to report on my fun Birthday day of celebration!!!

First... I got a present today! Here were are playing with it... it's a raccoon toy!

We both have to carry it back from fetch...

Here were are riding in the car... somewhere... but we don't know where!!!

Here we are at our destination... can you tell where we are???

Yep... waiting for the parents to get ready to go... enjoying a sip of water before we....

Play at the park!!! Here were are with Dad...

Isn't this place cool? The pavillion was built by the CCC and its an octagon!


Walking with Dad... boy that ground smells good...

The hole that Izzie fell into... (Dad saved her)...

Mum's Blair Witch photo... kinda creepy isn't it? The woods were really dark! It was very buggy and Dad got cranky... so we didn't stay in there long...

Crazy corgi blur!

Run with Dad... back towards the car!

Here's another cool building by a pond that we visited... we're with Mum in this pic...

These little guys were chilling on the ledge of the building... they didn't seem to mind we were there... they probably knew we were just visiting...

It was a really great day, I had so much fun!!!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everybody!!!!


  1. You raccoon toy looks like a Wubba! Is this a new invention? I think we need one of these!
    What a great adventure you had for your birthday!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Love your joint raccoon carrying. That should really be an Olympic sport, don't you think? So glad your dad is quick on the hole rescues. It would be a tragedy to lose one of your cutie pies.

    When in Boston, we are staying very near to Haaaaaarvaaaaaaard Squaaaaaaare, and will try to paaaaaaark the caaaaaaar there, just for you.


  3. That's a raccoon? It looks like a panda! Whatever it is, I WANT ONE!!!

    Glad you had a special day,

    Dozer and Coop

  4. That looks like an awesome birthday celebration! That park looks like lots of fun too! Happy Birthday!!
    The Puppies

  5. Hi, girls!
    Glad you had a great day to celebrate the birthday!
    Presents and a nice walkie!
    Did you have cake?
    Kisses and hugs

  6. You so nice together. That doesn't happen here....yet.

    Princess Eva

  7. Happy birthday, Moxie! Your new toy looks VERY fun - and I just LOVE that blurred picture of you and Izzie! I'd LOVE to do zoomies with you!

  8. Great pics of two happy pups!
    xGus n Jake

  9. Aww, what a fun day at the park! I'm new to your blog and think it's super cute! Happy birthday. :)

  10. Moxie,

    I'm the worst dude EVER missing your burpday! Yeesh! That looks like a totally fun day, though!


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