Monday, January 21, 2008

What a great day!

Because of the holiday, Mumsies wasn't at work or school (the reason we haven't been posting much), so she spent extra time with us! We've had a blast so far... but there's still plenty of play time left today!

In the backyard...

Sniff sniff sniff...


Check out my coat!

Moxie encroaching on the toys... MINE!

Ahhh, that's better...

Yum yum yum...

Take that fish head! Feel the wrath of Izzie!

Lovingly lick the fish head...

Oh yeah....

Sushi, my favorite! Pass the wasabi!


  1. Are you really gonna eat that dead fishie's head? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Love ya lots,

  2. Oh no not the wasabi lol. Our pinkies love that stuff but we're told it's way too hot for us. That's one good looking fish.
    Love your jacket Izzie.

    Hugs and tail wags
    Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

  3. Oh man did you eat that fish head? The only raw fish mom can get us to eat is frozen sardines. All the other fish she has tried we refuse to eat.

  4. Hi, girls!
    Glad to see you again!
    You have snow there... and fish! Is it tasty?? I've never tried it!
    Take care

  5. Hey, you both got a whole piece of fish head all to yourselves? YUMMY! I only had a few raw dory fish meat but I had terrible diarrhea the next day. It really tasted good!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  6. u red coat looks that u're new attire?

    u shld wear it more often...b4 the spring comes..

  7. Hey, I think I have that same coat! We've never had a raw fishy. Just the kind from a can...which is still pretty tasty.

    Sherman, Penny & Lola

  8. Hey corgi Girls!!

    I love the gorgeous shots of you girls in the snow!!

    Ive never had fish before, but it sure does look tasty!!

    Lots of Love!

    peace out

  9. What a life! I am insanely jealous, except that I would probably roll on that fish head before eating it.


  10. Wowzers, what a fun day!
    Play bows,

  11. Hey, Corgis!!

    LOve the outdoor pics and especially the action shots with your fish head. I too love fish, but have yet to get an actual head (are you girls partakers of the BARF or RAW diets?)

    Izzie, your red coat is cool.

    Goober love & smooches,

  12. Hi there,

    me be gone too for more than a month with a buggie 'puter but it's fixed now. just stopping by to say hello and i've miss ya.

    don't know about raw fishie but me loves cooked scrimp and tuns fish.

    Love ya Mona

  13. YUM! I didn't know you guys were rawbies until I saw you over at the Bone Zone chattin' about dinner. WOOO! By the way--I LOVE wasabi peas! I love spicy things (especially spicy girls!)


  14. Your coat is way cool, Izzie! I bet it keeps you really warm. I have not tried raw fish.

    Amber :)

  15. Hello girls!
    That red coat looks good on you, Izzie! I, Momo have some similar one but I've always wanted to get a red one!
    We love your pictures taken at the backyard. We can see you had fun time there.
    Have a good weekend!

    Momo & Pinot

  16. thats life !!!

  17. EEUUUGGGHH!! FISH! slimy, slimo fishie!

    I hope for your hoomans' sake that you have tonnes of mouth wash at your disposal!

    BTW, I never get the chance to try adventurous food... it is always boring old keebles!

  18. it's me Mona

    me wants ya to come over and tell me what breed copper be

    bet ya can't guess!!

  19. Hey girls!

    I am having a Valenines day card exchange, and i didnt know if you would be interested. All the info cn be found at my blog. :p

    hope you have a great week!


  20. Hi girls,

    it's me Mona. congratulations on being one of the winners of my "what Copper be" contest.

    Hope you had fun..i did!!!

    if you will send me your address i will make sure your price goes out this weekend. me e-msil address be:

    Love ya...your frined Mona

  21. lots of snow up there in the northern hemisphere - I like it but am glad to spend my retirement here where it is warm, though the fish DOES look yummy!


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  23. Hi girls! There's going to be a cardigan corgi today on the Puppy Bowl (Animal Planet). I'm going to root for her and pretend it's you guys!